Sunday, 6 June 2010

Friday was a great success! We had so much fun and everything went suprisingly well for the trial session.


Thai Green Chicken and Coriander Soup
with sourdough croutons and homemade bread

Honeyed Sweet Potato and Vegetable Curry
with fragrant cous cous and lemon yoghurt dressing

Rich Chocolate Tart
with a raspberry coulis

We got a brilliant reception, here are some of the comments from our guests-

'Very good service.Loved the atmosphere and the music. Lovely smells too-loved the joss sticks. Perfect timing between all the meals, was upset I couldn't manage it all (it was so yummy!) All round brilliant night'

'Highly enjoyable'

'I think the service was perfect, friendly and efficient. Atmophere was great and very good use of table space. Had such a great night!'

'Food was amazing!'

'Food was delicious (homemade bread AMAZING!)'

'Can't remember the last time I had such an amazing meal. Thanks! You guys are amazing!'

'Felt nicely like a dinner party opposed to restaurant'

'Awesome food- freshly baked bread makes all the difference'

'The wine in the garden for a start was great, keep this going weather permitting'

'Food was mint'

'Great atmosphere, very relaxing and welcoming. A real mix of interesting people. Great evening, welldone and a huge thank you!'

'Great idea. Sociable. Chilled. Fantastic food. Relaxed atmosphere, will definitely come back. Very professional service'

'Delicious food, very homely, restoring eating. The restaurant looks beautiful! I had a fabulous time'